Osman Ozdemir

+1(917)-916-3658 | oozdemir2704@gmail.com | Github | LinkedIn


Senior Frontend/Full Stack Engineer with 5+ years of experience and a solid computer science background. I enjoy building fast, reliable and scalable web applications that are built with bleeding edge technology, using appropriate design patterns and best practices. I am a big fan of Uncle Bob and his software development and agile methodologies. Although started out as a frontend engineer, I have good understanding of web development overall can easily juggle both ends of the stack.


Type Skills
Programming Languages Javascript/Node.js (Expert), Typescript (Fluent), C++ (Fluent), Java (Fluent), Python (Fluent), Rust (Proficient), PHP (Proficient)
Markup Languages HTML, SVG, XML
Frontend ReactJS, AngularJS, Redux, GraphQL, VueJS
Backend Node (Express, Koa, Hapi), Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy), Apache, Nginx, Strongloop / Loopback, Rust (Rocket, Reqwest, Hyper)
Testing Cypress, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Enzyme, Jest, Webdriver.io, Chimp, Selenium, Behave, Gherkin
Styling CSS3, LESS, SASS, PCSS, Compass, Aphrodite, JSS, Styled-Components, Emotion
Template Engines Underscore, Handlebars, Spacebars, Twig, Jade
Databases MySQL (fluent), MongoDB (fluent), PostgreSQL (fluent), Couchbase (prior experience), Cassandra (prior experience), Titan (prior experience)
Operating Systems Windows, MacOS, Linux
Agile & Issue Tracking JIRA, TFS, Github, GitLab, Rally, Trello, Phabricator
Version Control & Code Reviews Git, Git Flow, Github Flow, Gitlab, Stash, Bitbucket, SVN, Arcanist, Gerrit
Other Gems Webpack, Browserify, Yo, Gulp, Grunt, Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Vim, Tmux

Relevant Experience

Urban Compass
October 2018 - Present

September 2017 - October 2018

Lifion by ADP
September 2015 – September 2017

December 2014 – September 2015

July 2012 – December 2014


Stony Brook University - Class of 2012
Major: Computer Science
Bachelor of Science
Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society